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Spectro Intelligence LLC is the Selerity Collection Series 4000 SFC was developed especially for separations executed on microbore-loaded or capillary columns, in which an accuracy and pulse-free shipment of the mobile stage is critical. All systems are equipped with a fire ionization detector, optional specialized detectors, a low quantity rotating shot shutoff, as well as a 10 mL high-pressure syringe pump. The Selerity Version 4000 SFC uses a Microsoft Windows 10 PC-based Agilent OpenLAB EZChrom chromatography information system software for signal acquisition as well as full instrument control.

Distinct Features of the Selerity Series 4000 which help you on your way. 

High-pressure syringe pump and the Series 4000

Provides the supercritical carbon dioxide by managing the set pressure; as a result, pulse-free stress is delivered throughout the column to the detector, with no dampening needed.

Just a percentage of the co2 mobile phase is used for every evaluation, as well as system, is helium-free, decreasing the total cost per evaluation.
The long lifetime for syringe pump seals and also examine valves, in comparison to reciprocating pump innovations.

The Selerity Collection 4000 Supercritical Liquid Chromatograph is sturdy, trusted, reproducible, as well as easy to use. Because it uses co2 as the main mobile phase supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) is acknowledged as "environment-friendly" or in some cases modern technology. SFC applications have environmental and price advantages compared to applications that require solvent mobile phases (HPLC) or helium (GC).

What Is Supercritical Liquid Chromatography?

SFC Series 4000 is a chromatographic method in which the mobile stage is neither a gas nor a liquid, yet has residential or commercial properties of both: officially a supercritical liquid. At stress as well as temperatures over its critical point, a gas ends up being a supercritical fluid, and also it possesses thickness as well as other buildings that are intermediate in between those of gases and also liquids.

When Should You Use Supercritical Fluid Chromatography?

SFC Series 4000 supplies unique benefits over gas chromatography (GC) and also liquid chromatography (HPLC) when:

Substances are not unstable sufficient for GC without derivatization
Compounds do not have chromophores suitable for UV discovery under HPLC conditions

Substances are unpredictable at typical GC temperatures

Universal detectors such as the fire ionization detector (FID) are preferred that are not readily available for HPLC

Just How Can You Use Supercritical Fluid Chromatography in Your Research laboratory?

SFC discovers applications essentially any place chromatographic methods are used. You can currently finish your laboratory with the Series 4000. Simply a few of the applications possible with SFC Include:

ASTM D5186 SFC 4000 Approach
ASTM D5186 Testing Technique


ASTM D5186 testing method for aromatics and also polyaromatics in diesel as well as jet fuels
ASTM D6550 testing method for olefins in gas
Heavy petroleum substances and deposits

Thermally unpredictable substances, e.g., isocyanates

Thermally unstable compounds
Polymers such as PEGs and polyalcohols

Fatty acids
All-natural items
Surfactants (non-ionic).

Light polymers (< 5,000 to at most 10,000 amu).
Polymer ingredients (specifically where GC or HPLC call for derivatization).

Severity Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph.

Superior Innovation.

The advantage is pleased to companionship with Selerity Technologies in bringing the Selerity Collection 4000 Supercritical Chromatograph to the oil, petrochemical, as well as relevant markets. Selerity Technologies is dedicated to technical leadership in the manufacture of SFC instrumentation. Along with being an environmentally friendly "green" option, the Selerity 4000 deals with remarkable functions and also functions such as:
An application that will help you

A completely integrated software application that regulates pump, oven, autosampler, as well as data procurement package.
Temperature-controlled stress transducer for far better reproducibility.
10 mL syringe pump for pulse-free pressure-controlled flow and also minimal carbon dioxide use.
Innovative column innovation to fit all of your application needs.
Big capability stove appropriate for any kind of column arrangement.
A secondary independent column heating system to boost top form as well as decline analysis times.
Reduced dead quantity injections and also column switching with Secure-- Fit ™ column adapters.
Streamlined split/spitless shot for capillary columns.

Sector Requirements

Oil Sector
Refineries producing gas, diesel, as well as jet fuel will certainly benefit by making use of SFC. The ASTM company has developed and also approved two class fractionation approaches making use of SFC. ASTM D5186 determines the total fragrant and also PNA material in diesel and jet fuel, as well as ASTM D6550 determines the complete olefin material in gasoline. These methods are the choices to the FIA method ASTM D1319. Some regulatory agencies are calling for making use of ASTM D5186 and D6550 for tighter specs.

Polymer Market

The Series 4000 supplies an easy means petroleum testing instruments to assess low molecular weight polymers (approximately around 5,000 molecular weight), monomers, oligomers, as well as polymer precursors. Many polymers do not have chromophores conscious UV discovery; hence the FID on the Selerity Technologies Series 4000 is the most effective detector for these materials.



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