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Begin the new school year with happiness and joy

Although it's an exciting time for parents and children, switching back can be difficult. Here are some suggestions to assist parents and children cope with the hectic school days and make the most of their youth.


Maintain a consistent sleep routine. Over time, you add more structure. Children thrive on routine, so make sure they get the 10 to 11 hours of sleep per night that is advised. Along with traditional storytelling and shadow puppetry, parents should use wind-down quiet time, white noise machines, and other sleep-related apps. The entire family will enjoy themselves immensely. 

Think ahead. Prepare everything the previous evening,


Prepare healthy lunches, lay out clothes, and prepare schoolwork and backpacks in advance. Lunches in elaborate bento boxes and tasty finger foods are popular right now. Simple sandwiches can even be frozen!


To put yourself in a scholarly state of mind, visit museums or afternoon programmes. Yoga courses for moms and kids are a great opportunity to connect, spend quality time together, and learn how to unwind and unwind.

Get no-tie shoes for your kids. Give your teachers some leeway so they can concentrate on teaching rather than spending all day tying laces. Each morning, save time and simplify the school run! Tieing shoes can be tricky for young toddlers. Just put them on and go on.


Security first! No more tripping and uncomfortably fumbling with laces and ties with small fingers. Give your children more freedom and independence. They won't need to always rely on others to help them tie their shoes. Eliminate all needless barriers.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It might be anything as straightforward as overnight oats or as classic as eggs and bacon.


Use a monthly calendar to check in with your children and have weekly discussions about their progress. Set a timer for reading and homework! Boost attention and focus on current tasks.


Give kids the freedom to select their own clothing to promote decision-making abilities. With our new emoji design laces and no-show socks, you can create unique looks.


Children who wear traditional shoelaces may trip while doing so, necessitating frequent retying. Alternatives include no-tie laces, which, once inserted, transform any pair of lace-up sneakers or shoes into a tieless slip-on. For your convenience, FN has selected some of the greatest selections for kids of all ages; even teens will like their accessibility and more refined design. These garments are made with elastic, so you can easily achieve the ideal fit. They also come in a choice of colorful colors and with stylish details to fit any ensemble.


Elastic shoe laces


These elastic laces are simple and comfortable and mould to your foot for a unique fit. The shoe laces are made of six premium rubber fibres that are entirely elastic and long-lasting. Because of the innovative stainless steel screw lock construction, no-tie laces are the ideal option if you constantly worry about your shoe laces coming undone.


Easy to install:


To install our elastic shoelaces, all you need to do is tie a shoestring around the screw lock. It is very practical to tie the knot and tighten the screw lock. Never tie your shoes again after the first fastening.

Awesome for Everyone: Kids, adults, and the elderly can all benefit from using these elastic shoelaces. Perfect for riding, hiking, running, and more.



Tieless shoelaces are wonderful presents for people who have trouble tying shoes or for runners wishing to accelerate their triathlon transition. They are perfect for sneakers, boots, canvas, leisure items, etc.


Three 43" Flat Stretch Shoelaces, two metal turn buckles, and one extra lace are included in the package. Each pair can be used to fasten one pair of shoes.


Satisfaction Guarantee:


After using them in your shoes, we're confident that you'll never go back to conventional shoelaces.


Make no-tie shoe laces for your travelling partner and have fun and happiness on your new year's school journey.

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