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A Quick Review of Art Supplies For Beginners

What has been a favorite option is an acrylic painting starter kit which may come complete with everything one needs to get started making paintings. Other novices might be more interested in graffiti art or maybe face painting. There are starter kits on the market for both.

If you are in the market for either child, students, or adults just starting out, art supplies for beginners are widely available for every style. As the ability to draw is the foundation of art, basic drawing materials are a necessity. For those who want to learn the essentials of working in a variety of media, art supplies can be purchased separately or in kits. Young or novice artists who are seriously considering pursuing art may find it helpful to invest in art instruction books or DVDs.

When children go beyond their earliest preoccupation with making random marks with crayons, they are showing the natural creative urge found in nearly every individual. Learning to produce art can be carried out for fun or with more serious intentions and suppliers have responded with wide selections of reasonably priced art materials of good quality. There are many options from which to choose designed especially for the beginning artist.

Most art teachers would agree that drawing is the basic skill that all other artistic ability depends upon. With access to drawing tools and proper instruction, most students will respond favorably. Good drawing paper respectively for graphite pencil, and charcoal, and ink along with the appropriate drawing implements and tools like an eraser, ruler, and compass are the basic necessities for art students. Templates and French curves are a nice touch.

Both for the sake of fun and experience, learning to draw using charcoal and pastels is another good option. These supplies can be selected separately or they are available in kits, which is usually more cost-effective. Drawing with pastels and charcoal can be quite different than pencil or pen. Other choices are markers or colored pencils.

After mastering basic drafting skills, beginning artists are much more prepared to advance to the full-color work of painting. Pastels and colored markers are a sort of transitional step between drawing and painting. Good quality multimedia art kits can be purchased at reasonable prices and are valuable for beginners who want to build painting skills and learn the different techniques needed for each medium. Brushes, paints, and canvas are also available separately.


Used happily for years by the novice and the professional are the variety of water-based paints such as watercolors, tempera, acrylics, and gouache. Though all have different properties, these paints are valued for their versatility and easy clean-up. Complete lines of oil-based paints and brushes are also made for the beginner, but as a caution, oils are not as safe for young children and the cleanup is more time-consuming.


While having the proper supplies is imperative and practice is of great importance in learning to create art, most people can only progress so far without some formal art instruction. Those interested in advancing to a level of creating high quality or sophisticated art should find it helpful to take a look at some online resources when buying art supplies for beginners and consider obtaining some instruction books or DVDs. Read more about the acrylic paint starter kit.

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