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The Black Summit

The Black Health Matters Black Summit

Black summit is now Addressing African American Health in the Age of COVID-19

African Americans are facing the most significant healthcare challenge of our time. Since our inception in 2012, we have worked to educate and develop the African American co…

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Ancient Roman Sword - Roman Roman Gladius and other military weapons

Gladius was another term for the Spanish sword, but it was widely used in the Roman Republic, part of ancient Roman civilization. Today it is known as the Short Sword or Roman Gladius. This weapon was usually 24 inches long. Roman armies fought about 300 battles with this weapon. This weapon is famo…

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Employment law How can it serve you?

If you feel you have been discriminated against in your workplace, you may need a job lawyer. Laws may vary from state to state, so you may be better off hiring a local lawyer with a deep understanding of local employment laws. Employment Attorney Sundance can help you understand the employment law.

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6 Questions To Consider Before Hiring Ghostwriters

Writing isn't for everyone, from people who have great knowledge and experiences worth sharing to potential authors poised to share great works of fiction. That's because writing everything from scratch requires time, effort, and art to pen your heart down, which not everyone has. As a result, they …

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Setting the child up to higher education is set when the student is in middle school. However, it has mostly been seen that middle school children are disoriented and lose interest in studies. This is the age when most of the students miss their classes, or they bunk them. That leads to decreasing r…

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What to look for in an embroidered sarrau blanc?

Anything of the fabric can be embroidered, including materials, cloths and towels, and fabric articles like jackets. However, this article provides an overview of monogramming techniques and serves as a helpful guide for those looking for embroidery options, especially for sarrau blanc.

A per…

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Court reporting services that benefit large companies

Court reporting agencies are known to provide legal assistance to legal entities, but their contribution is also valuable to companies. If your company needs the services below, you will find them in an agency like hrbillingservices that offers a full range of court financial reporting services. Let…

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Best Mediterranean Food in Orlando

Mediterranean cuisine is based on traditional food sources that people used to eat in countries like Italy and Greece in the 1960s. Scientists noted that these individuals were unusually different from Americans and were generally protected from life-threatening infections. . Various tests have show…

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How to catch cheating and find out if your partner is loyal

It is essential to trust your spouse in a relationship. Without trust, partnerships are doomed in the long run. However, in most relationships today, you will find an unfaithful partner. If you doubt your partner's loyalty, it's hard to give up. There are many things you can do to make your mind com…

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